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2017 summer internship

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The TLG Integrated Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering Internship Program is an excellent opportunity for university students to grow in their academic and professional experience.

about the program

We live in an environmentally, socially, and economically dynamic and fluid world. Sustained education and exposure to innovative design strategies and products is critical to meeting the current and future needs of our clients and our community. As an integrated landscape architecture and civil engineering firm, TLG has the capacity to leverage the knowledge and skills of these related, but unique, design professions to develop pioneering design solutions.

As a mutually beneficial endeavor, the TLG Integrated Research and Design Internship Program allows landscape architecture and civil engineering interns to work together on real-world tasks and evidence-based design innovation under the guidance of our professional staff for the summer. The objective of this program is to expand the knowledge and experience of the interns and expose our professional staff to unhindered creativity of today’s ambitious academics.
  • highlights
  • 8-10 Week Summer Internship
  • Full-time Paid Position
  • Real-life Project Lifecycle Experience
  • Evidence-Based Design Focus
  • Integrated Research and Design Project
  • Scholarship Opportunity