Auger Falls Master Plan


Project Size: 600 ca. acres

Project Client(s): City of Twin Falls

Project Principal(s): David Koga

Project Status: Completed

The City of Twin Falls purchased a 600+ acre site at the Snake River Canyon, north of the City. The Land Group assisted the City to develop an overall site master plan for a reserve park to protect the site and educate the community. The intent of the reserve is to manage and preserve important historical data, natural resources and habitat throughout the Snake River ecosystem. After providing a composite site inventory, analysis and programming, The Land Group developed a site master plan that included a trail system for pedestrians, horses and bicycles, vehicular circulation and parking, restrooms, interpretive educational signage system, overlook views of the Snake River Canyon, safety issues, and management policies for wildlife, wetlands, native vegetation and recreation use. The Land Group was very involved with both public meetings and workshops for city agencies, land stockholders and public community at large.