Albertsons - McCall


Project Size: 3.88 acres

Project Client: Albertsons Companies, LLC 

Principal(s) in Charge: David Koga

Project Status: Completed 

This project included Record of Survey, Design Review, Scenic Route, Conditional Use Permit, Zoning Map Amendment, and Vacation of Right of Way applications to update and improve the building elevations, to remodel and expand the commercial structure by an additional 14,453 sq. ft., and to complete parking lot improvements and new landscaping. This included pedestrian upgrades to the sidewalks and pathways, new parking and updated landscaping along Lake Street to comply with the Scenic Route requirements. The process also included lot consolidation from 12 lots to one lot, and vacation of a portion of an alley for the proposed site improvements.

The completed project has firmly set itself as an icon in downtown McCall.

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