Children's Therapy Place


Project Size: 1.96 acres

Project Client: Children's Therapy Place

Project Principal(s): Matthew T. Adams

Project Status: Planning and Design 


Children’s Therapy Place is a Boise based business with programs designed to provide speech/language, occupational, physical, and developmental evaluation, while empowering and supporting children and their families through therapy services. This new site will be the main headquarters of Children’s Therapy Place and will provide all the necessary tools and a comfortable environment to achieve the goals of every family and child.

Creative thinking and educated decision-making helped build this innovative site design. The modern building is complimented with the linear foundation plantings while the dry stream bed across the entry way expresses sustainability and conservation. Some of the most unique spaces designed within the site are the future outdoor therapy rooms containing sensory elements and equipment. From Zen gardens to modern play equipment, this site is packed with a child-friendly atmosphere. A place where children’s therapy and training can be accomplished through interactions with the outdoor environment.