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Fort Missoula Regional Park Phase 1 Grand Opening

Save the date! April 29, 2017 is the grand opening of phase 1 of the Fort Missoula Regional Park in Missoula, Montana. FMRP is a regional park that came to fruition with the passing of a 42-million-dollar bond in 2014. The Land Group took the master plan through plan finalization, design development, and construction phases. Thank you to Missoula Parks and Recreation, and Missoula County Parks, Trails, and Open Lands for helping make this exciting project a reality!

Meridian 77 Acre Regional Park

We are proud to announce that The Land Group has been selected to complete the new 77 Acre Regional Park for the City of Meridian! We are excited to continue our relationship with the City of Meridian and an exceptional team of specialists. These specialists include: Kodi Farnworth of Advanced Irrigation Solutions, James Coles and Jim Main of Design West Architects, Daren Truchot of BHB Engineers, Bill Carter and Kurt Lechtenberg of Musgrove Engineering, Larry Musser of PRZ, John Ringert of Kittelson & Associates, Inc, and Terry Scanlan of SPF Water Engineering. We are very proud to be selected for this job and excited to see the impact it will have on the local community!